Frequently asked questions


Are helmets included with the bike rental?

Yes they are. 

Please note that helmets are mandatory for children up to the age of 12.

We recommend helmets for everyone and always provide one but if you would like to use your own  please let us know.

Do you provide locks?

Yes, we provide you with a lock.

Is a repair kit included with the bike rental?

For daily and half-day rentals we provide you with a quick repair spray and pump. if you have a puncture we ask that you try and use the spray in the first instance, if this doesn’t work then please call us.

Any other problems please call us. 

For rentals longer than one day we provide you with a full puncture repair kit. As per our terms and conditions it is up to you to deal with any puncutres but we are of course on hand if you have any questions.

If you have any other problems please call us and we will work out the best solution together based on where you are.

What does the repair kit contain?

An inner tube


Tyre levers

A pump

What happens if I break down?

If you have a flat tyre, we ask you to try to fix the problem yourself. We provide you with all the necessary equipment (repair kit etc.). Of course if you are not too far from the store you can come to us for the repair. If you can’t fix the flat tyre please call us and we will do our best to help you.

For any other problem please call us. Depending on the problem and your location we will find the best solution to get you moving as fast as possible.

What is the average battery life of your electric bikes?

It is very difficult to give an exact figure for the distance you will be able to travel on one charge. This depends on your the terrain, your weight, the level of assistance you use etc.

Our bikes are all fitted with 13ah batteries which according to the manufacturer can do up to 90kms on one charge. 

Do you have electric bikes for children?

No, unfortunately we don’t have e-bikes for children. From about 13/14 years old children  are generally big enough to use our e-bikes but we would need to check this together in store. 

Can you deliver my bike to my AirBnB in Bordeaux or Toulouse or to a friends house?

If you are a group of less than 6 people, we use a third party transport company to transport the bikes so we ask that you pick your bikes up from our partner shop or hotel in Bordeaux and Toulouse. 

If you are a group of 6 people or more, we can be more flexible and can deliver your bikes to the address of your choice.

Can I leave my bike at a station at the end of my trip?

No unfortunately this is not possible. Contact us so that we can a find solution.

Do you rent by the hour?

no, Our minimum rental time is half a day. 

How many hours is a half day?

In low season (November to April) a half day and a period of 4 hours.

In mid and high season (May to October) a half day lasts in the morning from (09:30 to 13:00) or in the afternoon from (13:30 to 18:30)



Is the Garonne Canal safe for children?

The bike path along the Canal de Garonne is a dedicated bike path, there are no cars. It is the safest place to ride a bike but your children remain your responsibility.

How much weight does the child trailer hold?

The child trailer supports a maximum of 45 kg.


How long does it take to get to Agen?

There are several parameters to take into account, the number of people in your group, your fitness level, the weather… but the route is completely flat along the canal. There are 29km between Buzet and Agen, so on average you should allow 2 hours for the outward journey and 2 hours for the return journey if you are an average cyclist, 1h30 if you are a more experienced cyclist. If the weather is very hot, allow more time.

It is better to plan the whole day to ride from Buzet to Agen and back, which will give you time to eat when you arrive and to have a look around.

How many km to Agen ?

There are 29km between Buzet and Agen

How many km to Mas d'Agenais ?

Mas d’Agenais is 21km from Buzet-sur-Baïse along the Canal de Garonne.

There are several stops between Buzet and Mas d’Agenais including Damazan and Villeton. There are also restaurants in Mas d’Agenais.

Are you near the Garonne canal ?

Yes, our store is 200m from the Canal de Garonne

How long does it take to bike from Bordeaux Toulouse?

it is totally possible to travel the Canal de Garonne in 2-3 days. However, most of our clients choose to plan for 5 to 7 days, to take advantage of the time to eat lunch and visit the surroundings at the end of the day. In 5 days of cycling: 50km/day, is a reasonable distance, without being too strenuous. In 7 days of cycling: 40 km/day.

How long does it take bike from Bordeaux Toulouse with children?

With young children, plan on a maximum of 20 to 25 km per day and try to find accommodation with a swimming pool to have fun when you arrive!

How long does it take bike from Buzet to Bordeaux or Buzet To toulouse?

Both are achievable in two big days but to be comfortable allow 2.5 to 3 days.


Are there any bakeries nearby?

Yes, there is a bakery in Buzet that is open every morning except Monday and also a bakery  Damazan, 5km away

Are there any restaurants nearby?

Yes, in Buzet (in season) there are 3 restaurants :

Le Vigneron

Au Bord de l’Eau

L’Ile aux Bateaux

 There are also Pizza TED (take away)

And a pizza truck on Tuesday nights Delices Pizzas

is there any accommodation nearby?

Yes, there are several gites and B&Bs in the village:

Managed by Clare’s dad, feel free to contact her for more information:

Gite 2 to 4 personnes “La Conserverie”

Gite 7 personnes (3 nuits minimum) “L’Ancienne Charcuterie”

 Other options:

Bois de Cadène

Gite du Port – Au Bord de l’Eau

L’Ile aux Bateaux

Do you have any accommodation recommendations along the Garonne Canal?

We recommend that you use the website for your research. This site lists “cyclists welcome” (Accueil Vélo) which are set up to welcome cyclists.

That said, in summer it is sometimes complicated to find accommodation. Do not hesitate to use all the platforms e.g., AirBnB, Google, etc. etc.

Any other questions?