Delivery service

Canal de Garonne – Véloroute vallée du Lot – Buzet/Baïse

Canal de Garonne

One way bike hire !

We can deliver and pick up your bikes all the way along the Canal des 2 Mers between Bordeaux and Sète.

from 1 bike

1 : Choose your departure and arrival points.

2 : For Bordeaux you can pick up and drop off your bikes from our partner shop (Musette Bicycles & Coffee) (open Tuesday to Saturday).

In Toulouse you can pick up and drop off your bikes at our partner hotel (Le Grand Hotel d’Orleans).

Elsewhere along the canal please check that your accommodation can store your bikes until your arrival (our transporter will drop off the bikes one or two days before so that they are ready for your departure)

3: At the beginning of your trip: Your bikes will already be at your pickup point when you arrive. You will have the necessary tools to adjust them to your height.

4: At the end of your trip, drop your bikes off at your drop-off point and our carrier will pick them up the next day.

Pick up and drop off points


Musette Bicycles & Coffee – 72 Cours de la Somme, 33800 Bordeaux for departures from Tuesday to Saturday with a personalized service.

MERCURE GARE ATLANTIC – 69 Rue Eugène le Roy, 33800 Bordeaux. Our drop off/pick up point when musette is closed.



Grand Hôtel d’orléans , 72 Rue de Bayard, 31000 Toulouse, open 24h/24. Self check out/ drop off

Véloroute vallée du Lot

one way bike hire!

We can deliver and collect your bikes along the Véloroute Vallée du Lot between aiguillon and cahors.

from 1 bike

1: Choose your point of departure and your point of arrival.

2: Contact us for a delivery/collection quote.

3: If you are leaving from or arriving at Aiguillon then we can deliver or pick up your bikes at a pre-selected time.

4: If you are leaving from or arriving at anywhere other than Aiguillon: please check with your accommodation that they can take in and store your bikes. Our transporter will drop off or pick up your bikes within 2 days of your arrival/departure.

Please contact us for more information!

 canal de garonne and veloroute vallee du lot ?

6 people or more?

Contact us to learn more about our personalized delivery service.

for more information please contact us or check out our faqs

Local delivery

We can deliver and collect your bikes around Buzet-sur-Baïse 

Contact us for a quote

delivery minimum 4 adult bikes for 1 day