canal de garonne

Bordeaux – Toulouse

Garonne canal

Distance: Less than 260 Km
Difficulty: Medium

The Garonne Canal. It is an itinerary that goes from Bordeaux to Toulouse. It is the Canal latéral à la Garonne.


The Canal latéral à la Garonne is a little less known than its cousin the Canal du Midi but in fact, it is neither more nor less than the extension of the Canal du Midi between Toulouse and Bordeaux. It thus makes it possible to connect the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. The canal is a little less than 200km long.


You have to add about 50 km if you want to go from the beginning of the canal to Bordeaux, so about 250 km for those who want to go from Bordeaux to Toulouse by bike.


It is still much quieter and less crowded than the Canal du Midi.


The trip itself takes 3-4 days. It’s something that can be done by anyone. The stages are between 50 and 70 km long, so it’s really very easy to do because of the flatness of the canal. A minimum of physical condition will assure you a change of scenery and pleasure.

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Of course on the way, you will have some places that are worth a stop. First of all, a stop in Buzet-sur-Baïse will do you a lot of good. You will discover a peaceful stop and our bike rental store. Do not hesitate to stop for a chat. We will be happy to welcome you.


If you continue a little further, you will have Agen and its bridge-canal. It is 539m long and is made entirely of stone. It allows boats to navigate on the canal while crossing the Garonne by bike or by boat. In Agen there is a bicycle café where you can make a stop.


After Agen you will enter the department of Tarn et Garonne.


Shortly afterwards you arrive in Moissac. Moissac is known for several things. Its abbey from the 8th century for example, Moissac is also situated on the way to Santiago de Compostela and finally the green way will pass over the bridge-canal of Moissac. The bridge-canal of Moissac is the same as in Agen, a bridge-canal which allows to cross a river, here the Tarn. It allows to pass from Gascony to Quercy, while having an incredible view.


The next step is the pink city: Toulouse. Before that there is the water slope of Montech to discover. It is a unique structure on the canal because it allows to cross four or five locks at once! It is a concrete structure which is in slope. There are 2 small locomotives on each side that have been assembled to push a mass of water and help the barge or the boat to go up or down, more quickly.


When you arrive in Toulouse, the pink city, you discover architectural wonders, it is very nice to visit. You can find really nice places, either in the city at the Capitole or on the banks of the Garonne.


To finish the trip, several options are available to you.


You can continue on the Canal du Midi, and end up in Sète.